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Iansbsbdnsns I WANT IT SO BAD TOO

omg I was going through the ts4 tag and I saw SO many people sad that they don’t have it


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I get that things like pools and terrain may come out later.. but no toddlers makes me feel like EA’s rushing things… The sliderless CAS DOES look interesting, as do the emotions. Am I bad for deciding to wait for a bit though?

Definitely not! I think it’s completely understandable to want to wait to buy the game! I just feel like it’s wrong to say that the whole game is terrible because of a few things—when really, it’s still a game that has a lot of potential.

I honestly encourage people to share the things that bother them about the game, too, because we should enjoy the game as well as give feedback. That’s so important for future games, and it makes for great discussion :)

It’s the people that are overly hateful and overly negative about the game that really bug me. Especially when they haven’t even played it.

It genuinely bothers me a lot that there are so many people adamantly against The Sims 4 without even playing it. I mean, that type of attitude bothers me with any game or product. You cannot say you hate something if you’ve never even tried it, and to just write something off because it’s missing a few things is just…ridiculous to me.

Obviously I’m not suggesting everyone go out and spend 80 bucks on the game. If you’re unsure: Torrent it first, watch reviews/let’s plays, read about it, etc. Then decide for yourself if you wanna try it, but don’t say something is terrible if you haven’t even played it yourself. You can’t review or rate a product if you haven’t even used it. This mindset is just…utterly mind boggling to me. It just seems like the people who makes these kinds of posts only want to hate on something for the sake of hating on it.

It’s just fucking immature to me. That’s all. I totally get being mad that there are no toddlers/pools/etc (and we should definitely talk about missing features, glitches, etc. That stuff’s important, too!), but there are so many other cool things that you’ll never experience if you keep moping around like an angsty teenager and hating on something you haven’t even tried. -.-


5 min countdown…

I’m gonna start the game with these two simies. Please meet Glen Gray & Robin Rose. Glen want’s to be a stand up comedian and Rose dreams about family. At first I’ve made them as a couple, but change it to roommates for now. I’ll let them mess around with romance on their own )

My initial reactions after two hours of play


This isn’t my review of TS4, but I found it and it really makes me want to give it a shot. Nice and unbiased! :)


If you claim to be an activist and say “it’s not my job to educate you” then you’re a pretty terrible activist. the point of activism is to advocate for your cause, spread information and try to get people to understand your goals. If you refuse to even help people understand, then you’re a pretty terrible activist and will probably turn people off of your cause.

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The Sims 4 is actually really fun :3

It’s so cool to see sims multitasking. I made this couple, and they were constantly chatting and building on their relationship even while one painted and the other danced.

It’s an all-around beautiful game. 

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phone calls are the most terrifying thing in the world

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And above we see one of the few non-slut-shaming bisexual jokes ever made in television history.

we have to put our trust in to bob’s burgers, people

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