It genuinely bothers me a lot that there are so many people adamantly against The Sims 4 without even playing it. I mean, that type of attitude bothers me with any game or product. You cannot say you hate something if you’ve never even tried it, and to just write something off because it’s missing a few things is just…ridiculous to me.

Obviously I’m not suggesting everyone go out and spend 80 bucks on the game. If you’re unsure: Torrent it first, watch reviews/let’s plays, read about it, etc. Then decide for yourself if you wanna try it, but don’t say something is terrible if you haven’t even played it yourself. You can’t review or rate a product if you haven’t even used it. This mindset is just…utterly mind boggling to me. It just seems like the people who makes these kinds of posts only want to hate on something for the sake of hating on it.

It’s just fucking immature to me. That’s all. I totally get being mad that there are no toddlers/pools/etc (and we should definitely talk about missing features, glitches, etc. That stuff’s important, too!), but there are so many other cool things that you’ll never experience if you keep moping around like an angsty teenager and hating on something you haven’t even tried. -.-

The Sims 4 is actually really fun :3

It’s so cool to see sims multitasking. I made this couple, and they were constantly chatting and building on their relationship even while one painted and the other danced.

It’s an all-around beautiful game. 

isn’t okcupid the best??!

answer all the questions and then pass it on to 10 of your followers. I was tagged by kadis-kot <3

Name: Maggie (or Margaret if we’re being srs)
Nickname: Maggles, Mags, Magoodle
Birthday: December 30, 1996. I’m super young.
Gender: Cis female
Sexuality: Bisexual I think?
Height: 5’6” I believe
Time Zone: Central Standard
Time and Date Where You Are: currently it’s 2:47 pm on August 30
Average Hours of Sleep: 9 because I have no responsibilities currently
OTPs: Jenny/Vastra (DW), Hermione/Snape (HP), Klaus/Caroline (TVD), Elena/Damon (TVD), Lydia/Malia (TW)… 
Last Thing I Googled: “jenny and vastra” because I wanted to be sure and spell Vastra’s name right above :p
First Word That Comes to Mind: Fuckin—because my computer’s clock was wrong so I told one of my friends happy birthday a day early on his timeline -.-
My most used phrase(s): I like to sing my dog’s name and change it up. Currently we’re on “B. Bangles.” I also say “cannot belive” “oh my fuckin god” and “yeee” a lot
Last Thing Said to a Family Member: “Yeah, that cat does that.” (In reference to him grabbing a paper towel out of my mom’s hand. “He grabs tissues out of my nose, too.” Because he’s a dick.

A Place That Makes You Happy and Why: A place? Home. I like to be in my room or in my bed with my dog. I’m most happy at home because I can be completely relaxed here and not have to worry about anything too overwhelming.

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep Under:  Just one. I get hot super easy (probably because I always have my heating pad on. I know that’s bad…) and have like two fans blowing on me all through the night.
Favorite Beverage: I love soda and I can’t deny. My favorites alternate between Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew. I also really love Welch’s sparkling grape juice (the white grape, specifically).
Last Movie Seen In The Cinema: The first part of The Hobbit, I think. Long time ago.

Three things I can’t live without:  My computer (yeah, I said it), my pets (they count as one), and chapstick.
Something I plan on learning: How to make custom content for the sims, maybe French, more psychology stuff
Advice For My Followers: Love yourself first. Always be kind, strive to be patient and understanding, learn to compromise, and be nice to people. Don’t let what other people think of you affect you.

I’m gonna tag anyone who sees this and wants to do it :)

I was Hedgehog in this particular game. We also had Porcupine, as you can see in the second picture.

I love Town of Salem so much


I’ve been trying all day to find this website I used to love.

I’m pretty sure (if I recall correctly) that I found it through a story on Figment. The story was about a boy who found a journal (I think?) and then went on to meet a girl or something and have some sort of adventure? That could be unrelated, but it stands out.

The website itself was this fairly large collection of somewhat interactive stories. Each story had a collection of art to go with it and really make the story come alive.

I remember reading one about an older man who was writing in a journal (you actually read the journal), and as time went on his entries became more and more incoherent. It turns out there was, like, asbestos in his house or something, but by the time that was determine he was so out of it that he didn’t trust the home inspector.

I’m going to check my old laptop tomorrow and see if I have this site bookmarked. If not, I may never find it again. I’ve tried everything D:

is there a way I can, like, view everything I’ve hearted on Figment in one place??


I started watching Parks and Recreation yesterday

and I just got to the episode where Andy’s band played for the first time since he broke his legs, and the scene where Leslie and Mark are drinking beer by the pit hit me kind of hard because it reminded me of some really good times

and it made me sad because I haven’t had any really good times like that in a long time