up sick feeling nauseous :(

I can always count on Town of Salem to distract me when I’m feeling yucky, at least :D

I’ve noticed over time that if I have a crush (or even just a really strong—almost annoying—affection for someone that’s really distracting), I can sit down and make them something. I’ve written so many boys pages and pages of words, and today I’ve been working on a present for one of my good friends.

It’s a really nice way to cope with overwhelming feelings, I guess.

what am I doing???

I just put fresh litter in the litterbox…only to find this.

Why did he do this to me???

really wish I had that friend I messaged/texted all through the day and most of the night

I miss it so much

Pictures from the weekend. The fair was in town, and I had a lot of fun<3


Update: I have gathered that he is sexist and ignorant. To him, all women are dumb, and women can are only tough if they’re “acting like men.” How annoying.