this makes me laugh so much

Photo Booth is the best.

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I really hate when people are like this.

(I am Hedgehog.)

and then Puppeh had in his will “Hedgehog - amnes (rude and angry)”

I was genuinely chill about the whole thing. Especially when I said “But I hear u, man.” That was my way of ending it.


Typically others don’t mind complaining about leavers, so this just really took me off guard. It’s really irritating to say the least.

Fortunately, I’m in a game with a lot of the same people, and they’re all being chill now.


"Twilight covered Hyrule like a shroud, and without light, the people became as spirits. Within the twilight, they live on, unaware that they have passed into spirit forms… All the people know now is fear… Fear of a nameless evil… The kingdom succumbed to twilight, but I remain its princess… I am Zelda."

Day 14 - Video Game Character

I really tried to make this as close to the original scene as possible. I hope it’s not too much! Either way, this one was really fun.

I found the arso day 1. Somehow randomly got accused of Skype cheating, too. Not sure how that happened.

and then I was jailed and immediately executed???

I’m so unreasonably mad. CAN YOU TELL? It was just so stupid. Not to mention that the host didn’t even make a properly balanced game. Town was doomed from the start.

Jailor left the game the following night, and I didn’t even get to question them. :(

I dreamt I was eating the best noodles ever. :(

Took my last test for high school today.

Now I just wait for my diploma to arrive!! ^_^

what a sour loser tho

Our mafia was actually really good. For once, I had a good mafia :D

We did get lucky with the witch controlling me and sending me to bm the gf tho…

lol I got a tooth filled today

and I was really scared because of needles

but now my whole face is numb and I feel silly, and it feels nice. I am a bit worried about when this medicine wears off because I know my gums will be a little sore ;|

I’ve been occasionally skimming through the comments on that Youtube video I posted like two days ago because this Colton guy makes really great comments.

But, here’s a golden line from the lesbian in the thread. Tell me again how biphobia doesn’t exist?