Easter selfie!

my kitty finally came home!

It’s an Easter miracle!


Dad’s gonna check the vet’s office Monday after work to see if the dog catcher picked up Misha

how do I not worry about my cat :( ?

I walked all over the neighborhood this morning calling Misha

he hasn’t come home yet and I think I’m going to die from worry and anxiety

stupid cat hasn’t been home for like a whole day

I’m worried about him

I miss him D:

do you ever see someone like something on facebook that’s really bad/problematic/wrong

and you just think “yeah you would like that”

I get kind of sad when I see a popular text post where someone has been thoroughly sassed

and when I go to see how that person who was sassed is doing and their blog is deleted…

like, depending on what the post is on, you can just infer that they got so much hate that they had to leave

I think that’s kind of disgusting, honestly :s

Thanks to brightcea I finally have Pecan—one of my dreamies!

I can’t wait to get her moved in!!

Thanks again!

at least I’m getting some wonderful animal crossing villagers soon

*sighs dreamily*

Even though people upset me, I’m really not in a bad mood. I get annoyed when, during debates, people try to attack me personally, but I know that there’s no reason to be upset over people I don’t know.

I’m gonna play ac I think <3